Sapphire Micro FUE

Micro FUE Sapphire

Excessive hair loss is a problem that can affect both women and men. Harmful environmental factors combined with certain genetic conditions can cause excessive hair loss. Hair loss can also be exacerbated by lack of proper care or treatments supporting hair health which can affect scalp health.

Micro FUE hair transplant is an innovative and comfortable treatment that is used in an area where excessive hair loss and thinning has been observed. This method will also work in the case of androgenetic and areata alopecia (spot baldness). The procedure involves transplanting the hair follicles taken from another part of the patient’s body.

This technique is much more advanced than FUE hair transplant. No deep incisions or surgical sutures are used during the procedure. Up to 5,000 grafts can be grafted at a time during a micro FUE hair transplant and one graph contains 1 to 5 hair follicles.

The advantages of hair transplantation using the micro FUE method include:

  • The natural effect of your own hair.
  • Higher hair density than with the FUE method.
  • The process is much faster compared to other hair transplant techniques.
  • The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so there is no pain or discomfort.
  • Thanks to the use of sapphire blades at the application area, no permanent scars are formed.
  • The incisions made during the procedure are very shallow and do not require stitches.
  • The healing process is very quick and painless.

Anyone over 20 years of age with no contraindications for the procedure can undergo a hair transplant using the micro FUE method.

Before the procedure, the scalp and hair are examined in detail and the area from which the hair follicles will be collected is carefully determined. It is then decided where and with what density the transplants will be placed. When making these decisions, attention is paid to the aesthetics, the shape of the hairline, as well as the patient’s individual preferences.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, this way, patients do not feel pain or discomfort. With the FUE method, hair follicles are taken from another part of the body by means of a micro-punch with a sapphire tip and transferred to the problem area in a specified order and density. The incisions are made in the shape of a “V”, which allows for greater compaction and appropriate angle and orientation of the transplanted hair follicles ensuring they harmonize with the rest of the hair.

Hair transplantation with this method lasts about 6-8 hours, depending on the patient and the scope of the procedure.

The process of convalescence with this method is very fast.

After application, the hair should be washed for at least 10 days with a special care product prescribed by the doctor. It is also recommended that patients have regular tests and follow their doctor’s instructions.

To learn more about micro FUE hair transplantation or other methods for treating alopecia, please contact Customer Service.